Habitats Regulations Assessment

Closed 14 Aug 2022

Opened 20 Jun 2022


This report is a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) of the emerging Local Plan for the South Tyneside. It is being undertaken in recognition of the risks posed to European wildlife sites as a result of new growth in the Borough.

An HRA considers the implications of a plan or project for European wildlife sites. This HRA report follows HRA work undertaken at earlier stages of plan making, when the overall quantum of growth for the plan period was being established with evidence. 

This HRA report is being developed iteratively alongside the Local Plan. It functions to inform the development of the plan content, including policies, supporting text and site allocations, and provides a record of checks made to ensure that recommendations have been incorporated.

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A PDF version of the document can be found below.

Why your views matter

The period for representations is an opportunity for you to comment on the content of the Habitats Regulation Assessment. 

We are asking you to review the HRA and make your representations to us with your support or objections and any changes you wish to see.

The document is available for reference below. Please click the consultation link to access a summary of the document and submit your response.

What happens next

Following consideration of the public feedback, amendments will be made where appropriate and the council may seek to remove more sites or add new ones depending on what suggestions come forward.

The next stage of consultation (known as Regulation 19) will provide another opportunity for local communities, businesses and other interested stakeholders to comment on content of the draft plan, before the Plan is submitted to the government’s Planning Inspectorate for independent examination.